The LANCOM wireless solution is CustomTel’s preferred platform as it delivers reliability and service quality users expect. It simplifies guest access and BYOD provisioning on your network.

The current entry-level model from LANCOM for smaller networks is the WLC-4006, capable of managing 6 or, in combination with a WLC Option, 12 access points.

A few key product highlights are as below:

  • LANCOM’s WLAN controllers offer the convenient plug & play installation and automatic configuration of access points in the wireless LAN.
  • LANCOM operates smart controller architecture, meaning that not all data has to be directed via the controller; this prevents the controller from becoming a bottle neck.
  • Even in the event that the controller should fail, the network can continue to operate as the controller optionally supports the stand-alone operation of access points.
  • Public Hot Spot function with user-friendly management
  • The “split management” feature enables the WLAN functions of integrated WLAN routers to be incorporated into central management, as well as supporting the management of access points.

The LANCOM WIFI solution can be deployed in any business environment.

A few examples of how the product is being deployed is as follows:

  • As an access point providing staff, guests and contractors with access to the internet at your site.
  • A wireless bridge linking multiple buildings together. This can be a cheaper alternative to Fibre cabling or additional carrier network services.
  • The product can be combined with an IP phone system allowing your staff to use their mobile as a PBX extension.

Key Technology Overview

LANCOM L-322agn: Access point designed for high performance.

Normally deployed internally. 300-Mbps dual band WLAN 802.11n 2.4/5GHz band.   

LANCOM Wireless LAN Controller 4006: With the WLC-4006 wireless LAN controller, your network administrators can securely manage and easily control your mission-critical wireless network. Centralised configuration and management make deployment easy, and the controller features multilayer security and scalability and eliminates cross-channel interference and the need for channel planning.