Peripherals & Accessories

We supply a suite of peripheral products that include:

  • Audio conferencing equipment
  • Wired & Wireless Headsets
  • Cordless telephones
  • Call management Software



Audio Conferencing

The Ericsson-LG ACT-50 is a sophisticated conference room terminal which can connect to any Ericsson-LG system via SIP IP/LAN or Analogue/SLT. The ACT-50 delivers advanced audio technology and high-fidelity sound making your conferencing experience an enjoyable one. Combined with an iPECS LIK MCIM (Multimedia Conferencing Interface Module) for an even more advanced conferencing solution.


Conferencing Bridge – Multi-party Conference Interface Module (MCIM)

In addition to ad-hoc conferencing, users may establish a Conference Room. Other internal and external parties are invited to the conference and can join the conference without further action by the user who established the Conference Room. A user can transfer an active call to a Conference Room. A Conference Room can be password protected so that only parties that enter the password are allowed to join the Room.

Up to 9 Conference Rooms can be set-up and each can support a maximum of 32 parties with the g.711 or g.729 codec or 24 parties with the g.723 codec. Conference Rooms employ channels from an MCIM (Multi-party Conference Interface Module).


Phone Billing System

CustomTel recommends the PhoneControl billing software if the business would like to track call costs and bill clients. The iPECS PBX can also be programmed in a Hospitality fashion whereby certain extensions can be checked in to enable outside calling and then checked out to lock down the selected extension to internal and emergency calls only.

Available Report Types

  • Detailed Reports – Text report containing a single line for each call showing selected details; selectable details include date, time, extension, dialled number, destination, duration, cost, etc.
  • Summary Reports – Text report showing a summary overview for the selected reportable items; Summaries can include totals and averages of amount, duration and cost for reportable items, such as departments, extensions, sites, providers, trunks and any other available reportable field.
  • Organisational Summary Reports – Text report providing a break-down of the selected items over  the organisation, with summaries by departments, sub-departments and individual users.
  • Traffic Reports – Graphical histogram style presentation of trunk usage over the time of day.
  • Real Time Reports – Graphical or Detail report presenting call data on screen in real-time, providing ‘ LIVE ‘ reporting on call exceptions and alarms allowing you to take action instantly.
  • Graphical Reports – Displays selected historical or usage data in selectable graphical formats
  • Dispersion Reports – Displays a map or globe showing the geographical call dispersion.
  • Frequency Reports – Shows the frequency of selected call items, e.g. most expensive.
  • Account Code Reports – Assign your own Account codes with surcharges, mark-ups and PIN-numbers based on duration or call type
  • Exports Reports in CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF, XML, Excel, PDF ( password protected)

PhoneControl Classic LSV

PhoneControl has a complete range of call accounting solutions available for the all types of industries.
The PhoneControl Classic LSV is particularly suitable for Lifestyle Villages, Hospitals and Nursing Home environments. The system offers all the flexibility and ease of use required in such an environment.

This system allows properties to define mark ups and surcharges for calls made by residents. The mark ups can vary according to call type and different mark-ups can be used for different groups of residents.

The Classic billing module can also be used to charge for other services, such as telephone line rental, handset rental or fixed fee internet usage, etc. 

Bills can be created for all residents or individual residents; this is particularly useful if residents start or stop using the telephone services midway through a billing cycle.

The bill layout can be adjusted to suit customer requirements – a company logo can be included – a summary overview or the call details can be shown and digit masking can be applied if privacy is an issue.