Empowering business communication for Large and Medium sized enterprise

iPECS from Ericsson-LG is a pure IP communication solution developed with the small and medium size business in mind. Its design is modular so it is easy to grow as your business grows and with a fully distributed IP architecture it provides your business with the latest productivity tools and communication applications where ever your offices or staff are located. So , empower your business communication with Ericsson-LG telephone systems.

Wi-Fi applications such as handsets or soft phone installed on a PDA or laptop provide remote flexibility whilst using uniform access points.

Currently available in 50, 100, 300, 600 & 1200 port stackable configurations, the IPECS has a maximum capacity in excess of 30,000 ports.

 IPECS is the IP communication solution developed with small and medium size business in mind. The modular fully distributed IP architecture, rich set of easy to use features and broad range of optional applications hardware and software make IPECS the obvious solution for your business communications.

IP based fully distributed architecture

  • Centralised call processing distributed across networks with highly diversified network architecture
  • Flexible configuration up to a maximum of 1,200 ports
  • Call fail-over to local PSTN if the connection to the master is lost
  • Easy remote gateway installation and robust survivability capabilities

Application platform

  • User friendly Unified Communications and collaboration tool
  • Variety of 3rd party applications using AIM (Application Interface Messaging)
  • Perfect feature set for the hospitality industry including PMS integration with industry leader Micros Fidelio
  • Select from a host of business ready applications from Ericsson-LG

Enhancing the user experience

  • Email notification and message retrieval options
  • Pre-selected and customer recorded voice messages
  • Various soft clients and mobility options
  • Minimising TCO
  • Lower CAPEX by utilising a single network infrastructure and modular components
  • Simple implementation for remote users

Downloadable Brochures

Discover more and click here to download the LG-Ericsson IPECS brochure in PDF format (2.5mb)